The Importance of Recruiter Relationships

It is beneficial to build relationships with recruitment agents, as connections with the right recruiting professionals can support you in a number of ways. Brunel Resources can:

  • Negotiate enhanced benefit packages
  • Reveal job opportunities
  • Offer essential job advice
  • Deliver key insight into the job market

Top Tips for Recruiter Communication

In order to build lasting relationships with recruitment professionals, you must communicate effectively:

  • Clearly express your career goals.

When we know exactly what a jobseeker is looking for, we can accurately make career suggestions without putting them forward for jobs that they are not interested in nor qualified for. By clearly conveying to us your professional goals, we can avoid making a bad impression at the interview.

  • Be honest about your interests.

If approached for a job you are not interested in, be honest, thank the recruiter for their consideration and politely decline. By informing us of positions that interest you, we are less likely to waste time and more likely to provide you with valuable opportunities.

  • Let the recruiter do their job.

It is the recruiter’s job to liaise with both client and candidate. Clients use recruiters to deal with candidates so that they don’t have to. Don’t attempt to contact the client directly without prior permission from the recruiter. Being compliant with such requests builds trust and in turn develops long-term relationships.

  • Remain

Behaving professionally and appearing gracious upon a job rejection is important as it creates a great impression to recruiters and clients. A positive impression leaves the door open for both the recruiter and the client to consider you again on similar roles in the future.

All in all

When developed successfully, on-going relationships with influential recruiters can prove to benefit your career. Don’t forget you can apply for specific jobs  directly on the Brunel Resources website by visiting our jobs page, selecting your desired role and clicking on the ‘apply for job’ button.