Fear Over Lack of Skills Threatening Construction Market Growth

Recently the Construction Product Association published the results of their 2016 survey that gathers information in order to track significant changes and growth across the industry. The survey shows that activity in the industry has successfully risen “for the 11th consecutive quarter in Q4”.

Although this continuation in growth was achieved across the entire industry, the private housing, commercial and infrastructure sectors led the way, with infrastructure work forecast to rise a further 56.9% by 2019. However, Suzannah Nichol, Chief Executive of Build UK voiced her concerns for businesses struggling to recruit within the market: “Whilst we are continuing to see growth in construction, the market is very mixed and the difficulties in recruiting the right skills are causing very real concerns as labour costs rise”.

With 21% of civil engineering firms reporting an increase in new orders in the fourth quarter and 6% of SMEs reporting an increase in enquiries, we evidently need a much more effective recruitment strategy across the industry if we are to maintain the same steady rate of continued growth.

We believe that it’s vitally important for recruitment agencies to have more of an understanding and inside knowledge of the construction and engineering industries. Without an understanding of the skills, requirements and responsibilities of a particular role, recruitment agencies are rendered unable to make informed decisions. This means that both clients and candidates are poorly suited, and do not meet requirements for the given roles, wasting valuable time and resources.

According to new research by totaljobs.com, a majority of UK businesses say they are suffering from a severe skills shortage amongst their employees, as the average number of candidates interviewed per role shrinks to just 6. In the study, nearly half of recruiting British businesses anticipate that recruitment will become increasingly difficult over the next couple of years. Brunel resources maintains a large database of skilled and enthusiastic candidates, we aim to make recruitment easier for businesses in the specialist engineering design and consultancy sector. We’re proud of our unique experience within the industry itself, and our efficiency in finding candidates new and exciting roles as well as delivering businesses a surplus of talented experts that adequately suit all their needs and requirements.